ASSAM at AAL Forum 2014

At the recent AAL Forum 2014 in Bucharest, the ASSAM products received prime attention and positive feedback from many participants. “It is my personal conviction that the ASSAM project, for its concept, the composition and commitment of its consortium, and the advancements so far achieved, is indeed one of the most promising and conceptually sound projects from a business point of view. The very progress evidenced at the mid-term review meeting I attended, and reflected in the project Mid-Term Review report, confirm this impression” said Jerome de Barros, AAL-JP Project Officer.

ASSAM was shortlisted among the 3 finalists for the AAL Award 2014, based on its degree of innovation, usability of its products, the potential to ease the life of end-users and their caregivers, and the market potential; it came in as a close second by one vote from the audience.