ASSAM at AAL Forum 2014

At the recent AAL Forum 2014 in Bucharest, the ASSAM products received prime attention and positive feedback from many participants. “It is my personal conviction that the ASSAM project, for its concept, the composition and commitment of its consortium, and the advancements so far achieved, is indeed one of the most promising and conceptually sound projects from a business point of view. The very progress evidenced at the mid-term review meeting I attended, and reflected in the project Mid-Term Review report, confirm this impression” said Jerome de Barros, AAL-JP Project Officer.

ASSAM was shortlisted among the 3 finalists for the AAL Award 2014, based on its degree of innovation, usability of its products, the potential to ease the life of end-users and their caregivers, and the market potential; it came in as a close second by one vote from the audience.

Indoor-Outdoor Mobility Workgroup, 7-8 April 2014

Following the successfull workshop on indoor-outdoor mobility at AAL Forum last year, we invite representatives of other projects to share their thoughts and results on current issues of indoor navigation and interaction design for elderly users. The workgroup on indoor-outdoor moblity meets on 7-8 April 2014 after the ASSAM General Meeting. You can find more details here.

Bringing Together Indoor and Outdoor Mobility Solutions @ AAL Forum 2013

We are co-organizing a side event on mobility solutions at the AAL Forum on September 23rd in Norrköping, Sweden. We cordially invite researchers and practitioners for contributions and participation in this half-day workshop. The event addresses the following topics with associated invited talks:

  • Route planning and accessibility: Victor Sánchez, ISOIN, AAL-JP project T&Tnet
  • Transportation modes and transitions: Jan Alexandersson, DFKI, German BMBF project Mobia
  • Security and orientation: Cornelia Schneider, Salzburg Research, AAL-JP project Confidence
  • Indoor and outdoor localization: Bernd Krieg-Brückner, DFKI, AAL-JP project ASSAM
  • Environmental representations and maps: Andreas Rumsch, Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, iHomeLab, AAL-JP project iWalkActive


Meeting of the evaluation partners in Utrecht

On July 5th-6th the ASSAM consortium has met in Utrecht to plan the user-centred design and evaluation processes. On the first day, HKU explained their design method and presented initial personas and scenarios. On the second day, Bartimeus invited the ASSAM partners to their facilities and introduced their lab as well as some representative clients to give us an idea of their target group.