Simulation-based Design Tool for Automated Checking of Analog-digital Electronic Systems

AUTOASSERT Anwendungsbeispiel

AUTOASSERT Anwendungsbeispiel

(Reference: DFKI)

Microelectronic hardware and software systems are the key component for the majority of innovations in current and future systems. The verification, i.e. the proof of the correct functionality of the designed system becomes the bottleneck in the design process with increasing complexity. One method to reduce the effort by orders of magnitude is to start verification at a higher level of abstraction. The goal of the AUTOASSERT project is to verify simulation results automatically. For this purpose, the concept of assertions, which already exists for the verification of digital time-discrete hardware components on implementation level, will be extended for continuous-time and analog hardware as well as software to enable an efficient description and automatic verification on system level.

Duration: Apr 1, 2020 - Mar 31, 2023
Partners: COSEDA Technologies GmbH (Konsortialführer)
Research area: Hardware Systems  
Grant number: 16ME0117

By integrating the technologies to be developed in AUTOASSERT into the COSEDA tool COSIDE®, these technologies will be made available to users in a practical and easy-to-use way, and customers from new areas such as system houses.

Based on DFKI’s verification expertise in the area of assertion-based methods for purely digital systems and embedded software, DFKI’s AUTOASSERT project focuses on research of an innovative assertion methodology for software-controlled analog/digital systems. High simulation speed and easy usability, but at the same time a high expressiveness in the specification of assertions are the central goals.

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