Developing a Search Machine using Principles of Artificial Intelligence

eProcurementsysteme allow for an efficient as well as cheap (with respect to personnel as well as financial costs) handling of consumable orderings in industry. Employees may chose the desired articles by means of catalogues leading to joint orders and, hence, overhead reductions through automation and exploitation of benefits due to bigger orders. However, searching the desired articles within these system is still improvable. Within the project, methods for a self-learning, intelligent, and purpose-driven search engines shall be developed which exploit techniques from natural language processing, and knowledge databases. The resulting methods shall be integrated into the products of the Bremer ePhilos AG.

Duration: Oct 1, 2014 - Jan 31, 2016
Partners: ePhilos AG
Research area: Software Systems  
Grant number: -
Funding: Industrial Partners
last updated 08/02/2017
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