Developing a Search Engine according to Principles of Artificial Intelligence, Part 2/B2C

The goal of the Project "KI-Suche 2" is to port the results of the projects "KI-Suche" to the B2C area. In doing so, search queries from mobile devices to diverse e-shops will be answered with targeted search results. The focus of the underlying knowledge data base is on catalogue-based product information. For this, the industry partner provides a safe and secure cloud platform, which can be used and paid on a transaction basis. Plugins will be developed for various shop technology providers, to allow the easy integration into existing e-shops in order to provide users of these shops with a comfortable and easy search functionality. This way the project is contributing to adapting the usage e-shops to a more user-centered view, analogously to the sale situation in a brick&mortar shop.

Duration: Jan 1, 2018 - Jun 30, 2019
Partners: ePhilos AG
Research area: Software Systems  
Grant number: n/a
Funding: Industrial Partners

ePhilos AG are our partners in this project.

last updated 16/05/2018
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