REliable & eXplAinable Swarm Intelligence for People with Reduced mObility

Artificial intelligence (AI) is being applied widely in many domains and there is a need to realize public trust in these systems. Calls are made to develop a dedicated science to study machine behaviour to tackle their intrinsic complexity introduced by the use of deep neural networks, which goes beyond traditional software and hardware systems. The goal of the project is to design a novel framework in which safety, security, ethics, and explainability are entangled to develop a Trustworthy Artificial Swarm Intelligence solution. The framework will make a trustworthy collaboration among a swarm formed by autonomous wheelchairs and flying robots to allow a seamless door-to-door experience for people with reduced mobility.

Duration: Oct 1, 2022 - Sep 30, 2025
Partners: - Spindox Labs, Italy
- Italian National Council of Research, Italy
- Imperial College, UK
- V-Research, Italy
- AITEK, Italy
- Universidad de Sevilla, Spain
- Hovering Solution, Spain
- Euronet Consulting, Belgium
- Dalle Mole Institute for Artificial Intelligence, Switzerland
Research area: Smart Living   Hardware Systems   Security   Software Systems  
Grant number: 101070028
last updated 14/12/2022
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