Safety component for autonomous mobile service robots

The SAMS demonstrator

The SAMS demonstrator

(Reference: DFKI GmbH)

The aim of the SAMS project is the development of a certifiable safety system for service robots and driverless transport vehicles, which uses a certified safety laser scanner to control a safety zone which is dynamically adapted to the vehicle's state (speed, steering, load etc).

At the heart of the project is the formal mathematical modelling and a fully formal proof of the correctness of the implementation in a theorem prover. Based on this correctness proof, and supplemented by additional testing, the principal certifiability of the component will be assessed by the TÜV (one of the main German safety certification agencies).

SAMS (Sicherheitscomponente für autonome mobile Serviceroboter: safety component for autonomous mobile service robots) is a joint project by the DFKI Lab Bremen (project lead), Leuze lumiflex, and the University of Bremen, funded by a grant from the Federal Ministery of Eduction and Research. It runs from May 1st 2006 until April 31st 2009.

Duration: May 1, 2006 - Aug 31, 2009
Partners: Universität Bremen, Leuze lumiflex
Research area: Hardware Systems   Software Systems  
Grant number: 01IMF02A

Publications within the Project

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