Supported Human Autonomy for Recovery and Enhancement of cognitive and motor abilities using information technologies

The goal of SHARE-it is to develop a scalable, adaptive system of add-ons to sensor and assistive technology so that they can be modularly integrated into an intelligent home environment to enhance the individual's autonomy.

Duration: Jan 1, 2007 - Dec 31, 2009
Partners: - Polytechnische Universität Katalonien (Spain)

- Universität Málaga (Spain)

- Telefónica I+D (Spain)

- Gesundheits-Forschungszentrum IRCCS Santa Lucia (Italy), Centro Assistenza Domiciliare (Italy)

- International Academy of Aging Ana Aslan (Romania)

- Universität Bremen (Germany)
Research area: Smart Living  

Publications within the Project

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