Quality-driven Design Flow using Formal Specifications and Functional Change Management

The goal of the SPECifIC project is a novel design flow to support the development of embedded and cyber-physical systems, which will meet the challenges of the increased demand on the quality, and the complexity of these systems. The three following characteristics distinguish the SPECifIC design flow:

(i) the introduction of a new formal specification layer, (ii) natural-language techniques to extend tool support from natural-language specifications down to the register transfer level, and (iii) a comprehensive functional change management, which makes the design process more flexible and eases the integration of third-party IP.

The application domains of the SPECifIC design flow range from conventional embedded sys-tems up to cyber-physical systems. The design flow will be validated by case studies, and sub-sequently be carried into academia and industry by DFKI and its partners.

Duration: Aug 1, 2013 - Jul 31, 2016
Research area: Hardware Systems   Software Systems  
Grant number: 01IW13001

Publications within the Project

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