Self-Verification of Electronic Systems

Self-verification of eletronic systems

Self-verification of eletronic systems

(Reference: DFKI GmbH, Foto: Lisa Jungmann)

The exponential growth of the complexity of electronic systems makes it increasingly diffult to prove their correctness (verification). Addressing this problem, the goal of the SELFIE project is a fundamental change in the development of electronic systems. Instead of having to finish the verification before delivery irregardless of success, systems will verify themselves during operation. This self-verification will give system engineers more time, more resources and more information to successfully finish the verification. The SELFIE project will develop the methodology of self-verifying systems and a suitable architecture together with hardware and software support. The new design methodology will be validated with a case study from the smart homes domain.

Duration: Aug 1, 2016 - Jul 31, 2019
Research area: Smart Living   Hardware Systems   Software Systems  
Grant number: 01IW16001

The Video demonstrates, for the layman, how SELFIE works. (Unfortunately the video is only available in German.)

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