Letter of TÜV Süd stating conformance of our development to IEC EN 61508.

Welcome to SAMS!

During the SAMS project, a modul for computing safety zones depending on the velocity of moving robot has been implemented, and certified for use in safety systems up to SIL-3 according to IEC EN 61508.

The certification is based on a formal modelling of the domain, and a verification environment for MISRA-C programs built on top of the theorem prover Isabelle.


The project flyer gives a quick overview of the project (but it is in German). The final report summarizes the results, and this article, published in Autonomous Robots, gives an in-depth round-up of our scientific contributions.


Final Presentation

The final presentation has taken place on Oct 13th 2009 in Bremen. Copies of the slides can be found here, and the official press release is here.

Project Data

SAMS (Sicherheitscomponente für autonome mobile Serviceroboter: safety component for autonomous mobile service robots) is a joint project by DFKI Bremen (project lead), Leuze electronic, and the University of Bremen, funded by a grant from the Federal Ministery of Eduction and Research. It has run from May 1st 2006 until August 31st 2009.

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